This is what tweets are made of.

Here are some answers to common questions about Tweetium.

How much does Tweetium cost?

Tweetium currently costs $2.99. This gets you the fully functional app with a large and growing list of features, available across all of your Windows PCs, tablets, and phones.
Additionally, you can purchase Tweetium Pro, which currently costs an additional $7.99 every year you use it.
Pro offers you advanced features like the ability to easily switch among multiple accounts, push notifications, a richer "Connect+" tab, sync with TweetMarker, and an integrated news reading experience powered by our other app, Newseen.

Why does Pro cost extra?

The short answer is that Pro includes features which cost more to provide.
You can read all about Tweetium Pro, including a detailed explanation of why it costs extra, here.

Why is Pro a subscription?

Pro uses a subscription model (though one which does NOT automatically renew) for a few reasons.
Most features of Pro, like push notifications, Connect+, TweetMarker sync and Newseen integration, have a recurring cost to support. The other reason is that Twitter imposes a hard limit on the number of users a third-party app can ever have. Once this limit is reached, Tweetium will no longer be able to support new users. Other apps which have encountered this limit have been abandoned by their developers. One goal of Tweetium Pro is to help support Tweetium after the limit is reached.
Your continued support is truly appreciated!

How does this compare to the pricing of other premium Twitter apps?

Tweetium takes a somewhat different approach to pricing than competitors. The idea is to make a premium Twitter experience available to all Windows users for a very low price of entry. For reference, the current price is $7 less than Tweetro+, while offering a faster, more feature rich experience, which extends from PC to phone. If you purchase Pro, you get more features that Tweetro+ doesn't provide at all (like real-time push notifications), or charges extra for (mulitple account support), across all of your devices.

TweetBot, the most popular premium Twitter client on Apple platforms, offers a similar set of features. Their product is currently $28 to use across all Apple devices, and $20 for just the Mac. They don't have a subscription offering, but they do charge for major version upgrades, which has a similar effect on long-term cost.
Tweetium will never charge for app upgrades.

How does TweetMarker work with Tweetium Pro?

If you're a Pro user and you enable TweetMarker support in the Account Settings pane, Tweetium uses it as follows:
  1. When you launch or resume Tweetium, it will pull down the latest "last read" positions from TweetMarker.
  2. When the TweetMarker positions arrive, the last read indicator (and "jump to last read" indicator) are updated for the current view.
    1. This happens asynchronously from the rest of the app loading, so if TweetMarker is slow to respond or unavailable, the position will not update immediately.
    2. Normally, TweetMarker responds very quickly and there is no delay in the position being set correctly.
    3. If the last read position is off-screen, the "jump to last read" arrow will appear.
  3. When you switch to any view, Tweetium records the newest tweet shown as your new "last read" position which will be reported to TweetMarker
  4. When new tweets are added to the top of the view (which only happens when you're scroll to the top/left-most position), the newest of those is recorded as the new latest read position
  5. When leaving the app, and every 5 minutes it is active, the last read positions of any changed view are uploaded to TweetMarker.
Some refinements to this behavior are planned for an upcoming update, including the usage of the last scrolled-to position, rather than the newest added to the view, after using the "jump to last read" arrow.

How does Newseen integration for Pro users work?

Pro users get two benefits from Newseen integration.
One is embedded article previews, which look like this:

The other is an integrated news reader:

This provides the RSS feed version of the article, an option to see the web version inline, and related articles from other sources supported by Newseen.

Why doesn't Tweetium Pro recognize this particular news link?

The integrated news reading experience is powered by our other app, Newseen. Newseen supports a growing list of news sources, so if a particular source is not supported today, it might be tomorrow! Please let us know if you have a favorite news source you'd like to see supported.

Even for supported sources, Newseen currently tracks the most popular and most recent stories. So older stories may no longer be in our database. However, we're constantly improving the service and working to extend this support.

Another reason news links may not be recognized is that they've just been posted, and our Newseen engine has not yet had time to ingest and process them. This is another area which will improve over time. Currently it can take up to 10 minutes for an article to be processed once it is posted. This delay should shrink a bit in the near future.

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