This is what tweets are made of.

What do I get?

How do I get Pro?

Once you've purchased Tweetium, just open the Settings charm and select the Tweetium Pro option.

How much is it?

Tweetium Pro is currently offered at $7.99 for one year of Pro access.
This charge does not automatically renew.
Your purchase applies to all Windows PCs, tablets, and phones where you use Tweetium.
This means you do not ever have to worry about canceling a subscription if you decide you no longer need Tweetium Pro.
When the purchase expires, Tweetium will revert to its standard mode until another Pro purchase is made.

Why does Pro cost extra?

Pro allows us to provide features which cost us extra. For example, TweetMarker costs us a monthly fee to access the service, and providing instant push notifications requires a growing number of cloud-based servers. Also, because Twitter limits the number of Twitter user accounts which can ever sign into Tweetium, each account you sign in with will reduce the number of app sales we are able to make in the long run.

Once the user limit is reached, we'll be unable to sell new copies of Tweetium. At that point, this recurring charge will enable continued support and development of the app and related services. We hope that those who love our app and use it every day will support continued active development of Tweetium by paying less than the cost of two lattes every year that you actively use it.

If you have questions or feedback about the Tweetium Pro offering, please e-mail us!