This is what tweets are made of.

Here you'll find the full history of Tweetium releases.

Version 4.0 (Win10 only)

  • First Windows 10 release!
    • Now running on EdgeHTML and with WinJS 4.1
  • New photographic theme options
  • Interactive toast notifications for Pro users
  • "Column mode" option lets you use the vertical layout at any size
    • (multiple column support for this mode is coming soon)
  • Higher resolution image previews are now supported
  • New options to control image previews separately for WiFi/LAN versus cellular/metered networks
  • Improved position restoration and loading+scrolling behaviors
  • Improved window resizing behavior and a streamlined navbar for small window sizes
  • UI updates to match Win10 style
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
    Version 3.6.5
    - Enable sending DMs to people who don't follow you but allow DMs from all users
    - The user account picture and menu are now shown even if you only have one account set up
    - Added "Manage accounts" (and "Settings" on PC) menu options to the user account menu
    - Added a message when image saving is completed
    - Image file names are now the same when saved from the timeline versus thread view
    - Updated error UI
    - Fixed another problem where saving images would fail in certain cases
    - Fixed some possible issues when switching views just as a streamed in item is being added to the view
    - Fixed a bug where the DM view could unexpectedly be blank (or contain only one item)
    - Fixed a bug where the date/time error message wasn't showing correctly (instead just said "Authorization required").
    - Fixed a possible problem with trial -> purchased transitions (may have caused problems until restarting the app)
    Version 3.6.4
    - Enable support for sending DMs up to 10,000 chars long
    - Improved transition from offline to online mode
    - Fixed a bug which prevented "Open in new window" commands from properly scoping the new window
    - Restored a missing animation when adding new tweets on the left in landscape view
    - Another improvement to top-loading smoothness for vertical mode
    Version 3.6.3
    - Fix a crashing bug in the last update affecting users with a specific configuration.
    - An additional thread expansion performance improvement is now enabled.
    Version 3.6.2
    - Improvements and fixes for how the app resumes after having scrolled down a ways
    -- This should fix the out-of-order/looping issues seen in previous 3.6.x releases
    -- Should also make resuming smoother in some situations
    - Reduced memory usage in some situations, including when suspended
    - Performance and data usage improvements for expanding threads
    - Increased responsiveness of favorite button in thread view
    - GIFs and videos no longer reset to the beginning when favoriting or retweeting in a thread view
    - Fix for a case where quick action buttons wouldn't respond to touch correctly
    - Fixed a case where the last read indicator could appear multiple times unexpectedly when scrolling up
    - Fixed a couple of rare crashes reported by users
    Version 3.6.1
    - Fixed a bug where some images were being saved incorrectly (especially from the timeline)
    - Possible fix for a rare issue in the last update where tweets could be added out-of-order
    - Mitigations to hopefully reduce impact of a still unfixed Win10 bug which can cause the app to hang on startup
    Version 3.6
    - Quote Tweet notifications for Pro users
    - Media in Quoted Tweets
    - View full-size images without expanding threads
    - Smoother top-loading and various bug fixes
    - Support for Quoted Tweet notifications for Pro users
    -- Includes both push notifications and Connect+ support
    -- Currently shares notification settings with Retweet notifications
    -- These will be enabled by a server update soon after this app update is published
    - Tapping/clicking image previews now loads the full-size image in the image viewer instead of expanding the thread
    -- This can be changed back to the old behavior in Advanced Settings
    - Quoted Tweets now include media previews
    - Improvements to how tweets are added to the list as you scroll up to reduce jumpiness seen in certain cases
    - More fixes to new-line/multi-line issues on phone
    - Fixed a couple of error handling bugs, such as the error shown when viewing profiles with no tweets
    - Fixed a bug where duplicate follow notifications could appear for Pro users in certain circumstances
    - Fixed a bug where the same user could appear multiple times in the list of who has favorited a tweet if they favorited then unfav'd then re-fav'd
    - Fixed a crash when opening the compose menu (i.e. drafts/snippets) while the app is a Share target
    - Improvements to background task cancellation handling
    - Small performance tweaks
    Version 3.5.2
    - Fixed some issues with inserting new lines via menu or "Enter is new line" option (especially on phone)
    - Fixed a bug where profiles would show an "unmute" button after unmuting them
    -- The unmute operation worked, but returning to the same profile would the button would show the wrong state for some time afterward
    - Fixed a bug where clicking/tapping the user who RT'd something would sometimes take you to the wrong profile
    - Work around for occasional startup or account switch crash on Win10 due to a bug in store/licensing APIs.
    - Allow the app to be used in trial mode on Win10 now that the relevant Store bug is (mostly) fixed.
    - Fixed a couple of rare crashes
    Version 3.5.1
    - Fix an error with some searches due to an unexpected issue with Twitter's quoted tweet API change
    Version 3.5
    Improved Quote Tweet support, Drafts and Snippets, and bug fixes.
    - Quoted/Embedded tweets are now shown in the main view
    - Quote Tweet button now does a "new style" quote (embedded link) by default
    -- "Classic" quote tweet functionality can be enabled in Settings/Advanced
    - Added support for saving tweet drafts and frequently used text snippets.
    -- Tweet drafts are removed when you load them from the menu, but can be re-saved to keep them longer.
    -- Snippets are saved until removed (via Settings/Advanced).
    -- Drafts and snippets are per-account, and roam to other devices.
    -- Note: Media attachments are not currently saved with drafts.
    - New "Insert new line" option in the tweet composer (most helpful for phone/tablet with default Enter behavior)
    - Added support for receiving >140 char direct messages (when enabled by Twitter next month)
    -- Sending them will enabled in a future update after Twitter turns this on.
    - Fixes for timing issues where progressive loading on scroll could interfere with composing new tweets
    - Fixes for bugs which could occur when cancelling a tweet/thread expansion.
    - Phone: Fixes for issues when hitting the back button at certain times while a thread is expanding
    - Phone: More than 2 suggestions can now be used in each compose/reply box on phone.
    -- This is thanks to a new and improved work-around for a WP 8.1 text box crashing bug
    Version 3.4
    - Multiple image uploads are working again (adjusted to breaking change in Twitter's API)
    - Animated GIF uploads are now supported
    - Improved quality for many kinds of uploaded images
    - Fix a bug with the "Copy Link" context menu option for images (PC-only)
    - Improved error handling for image load/capture problems
    - Show quoted/linked tweet previews in more cases
    - Fix for a reported crash
    Build 351
    - Temporarily revert to the legacy photo upload API for single photo posts
    -- This is to work around Twitter's currently broken media upload API.
    -- Note that multi-photo posts will still fail until Twitter fixes their bug.
    - Improved error handling for photo upload errors (such as Twitter "over capacity" errors)
    - Performance tweaks
    - TODO: Fix busted last read marking when scrolling up (no repro?)
    Build 350
    - Fixed certain cases where the scroll position could jump unexpectedly after posting a new tweet then scrolling up
    - Fix multiple problems with cancelling thread expansion using the phone back button
    - Fixed slightly cut-off update dot for DM tab on some devices
    - Fixed a case where duplicate people results could show when searching
    Build 347 (3.3.4)
    - Initial support for previewing quoted tweets in expanded view
    - Fix two rare crashes reported by users
    - Fixed a problem which could sometimes cause the app to fail to load from a notification for a different account than the last one used.

Version 3.3

Unfortunately, due to the nature of a critical bug in the previous version, the 3.3 update (build 338 or higher) is a required update.
If you have trouble updating, please visit the support page.

Version 3.2

  • New conversation experience for phone (portrait only)
  • Nav bar revisions (part 1)
  • Windows 10 title bar now uses the selected accent color
  • Added Crimson and "XB Green" accent colors
  • PC-only: Restored old streaming add behavior at the top of the view regardless of how fast tweets are coming in.
  • Improved touch keyboard interactions/animations
  • Expanded view now shows a share icon with other controls (helps discoverability of share).
  • Fixed a case where the view would jump after quick resuming in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug where the updated last read position for Connect would not be saved correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed two cases where the quick action buttons in vertical mode would not display on the top tweet as expected
  • Fixed occasional duplicate notifications appearing in Connect+
  • Enlarged the touch hit targets of quick action buttons slightly
  • Touch keyboard no longer comes up automatically when expanding a DM thread with touch
  • "Gray" background is now the same achromatic gray as the gray accent option
  • Phone back button now dismisses reply boxes before dismissing the entire thread
  • Changed "n following" to "follows n" on profiles for clarity
  • The large tile now properly shows the sender (not recipient) for DMs
  • "Start at last read" no longer affects the Me tab or user profiles
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes
  • Grouped retweets in search results now show the original tweet when clicked/tapped
  • Possible fix for DMs from the wrong account showing after switches in rare cases
  • Phone keyboard now comes up properly when sharing to Tweetium (OS bug workaround)
  • No longer trigger paste on CTRL+ALT+V (AltGr)

Version 3.1

  • Settings pages on phone now use theme colors
  • Fixed a problem where views would get stuck with a "Loading new tweets" message after resuming
  • Fixed a case where the stream would not reconnect and connect/messages would not be marked as unread when resuming the app
  • Fixed a problem causing Connect and Search views to sometimes restore to the wrong scroll position
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Connect view to appear empty ("There's nothing here" message)
  • Fixed a problem with links not being recognized from accounts flagged as "possibly sensitive" by Twitter in last update
  • Fixed an issue with new tweets streaming in and disrupting the view while composing a new tweet (mainly affected phone)
  • Follow and Favorite toasts now launch to the Connect tab (now that Connect+ is enabled by default for Pro users)
  • Improved reliability of interactions appearing in Connect (i.e. recent RTs for non-Pro, everything for Pro)
  • Other load and position restoration fixes

Version 3.0.9

  • YouTube links now open in supported YouTube apps
    • Tested with MetroTube and YouTube (official/MS app) on phone
  • More performance tweaks for certain scenarios, especially jumping to top
  • Disabled support for installing to SD cards on Windows Phone, as apparently WP 8.1 has bad bugs with this.
    • The app is very small and uses very little temp file space, so shouldn't be an issue.
  • Fixed a regression in the last update which prevented RTs from grouping together in search results
  • Prevent the scroll position from changing when new tweets stream into a thread while you're replying
  • Fixed a case where connect/DM unread state could clear unexpectedly just after a cold launch
  • Hide the header accent when sliding the page up for the on-screen keyboard (PC)
  • Fixed another (rare) loading problem

Version 3.0.7

  • Fixed a major performance problem for users with certain configuration settings
  • Fixed a bug which prevented updating of the offline tweet cache
  • Fixed a bug in the last update which could leave expanded threads invisible in horizontal layout
  • Fixed a case where tiles could unexpectedly have progress rings on them after switching views
  • Fixed problems with position restoration in Connect and some search results views
  • Fixed an error handling/messaging problem

Version 3.0.6

  • Fix scroll position jumping to the wrong place when loading more tweets in last update

Version 3.0.5

  • Restored old streaming/new items behavior at the top of the view
  • Various loading fixes
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing the original tweet from appearing in conversations certain cases
  • Adjusted the link-on-accent color for Red accent
  • Changed the Gray accent color to be an achromatic gray (old one had a slight blue-green tint)
  • Small alignment tweaks for the navbar on phone
  • Fixed a crash when navigating away from the timeline if the Pro Renewal message is present
  • Fix reader tile expand animation in landscape

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed a problem which could cause certain views to get broken after suspend/resume
  • Fixed a case where last read position could be saved incorrectly for Connect and some search views
  • Fixed uploading of photos when cross-posting from an alternate account
  • Fixed a bug where the header accent would be misplaced after toggling the phone status bar (until restarting or changing colors)
  • Fix for a case where "Loading new tweets" would appear but loading wouldn't start until the next scroll movement
  • Dropped initial view count on phone back to 20 for better performance

Version 3.0.3

  • Possible fix and additional logging to help track down errors reported by users

Version 3.0.2

  • Share page now uses your last used theme
  • Fixed a couple of rare error cases reported by users
  • CommandBar is now slightly more opaque
  • Fixed a typo in the Preferences page

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the view to continuously try to load new tweets when near the top
  • Fixed a bug with the CommandBar foreground color for black background with gray accent
  • Fixed a bug which could cause redundant color entries to appear in the color selectors
  • Fixed a problem where search box suggestions could be missing if capital letters were used

Version 3.0

  • See the 3.0 release page here!
  • New theme system! You can now choose from a wide selection of background and accent colors
    • There are no longer "glow" or the diagonal line themes, but if you really miss these please let me know!
  • Multiple photo upload is now supported
  • Added "Start at last read" option
  • Connect+ is now enabled by default for all Pro users
    • More improvements to this coming via server updates soon
  • Updated UI for profiles (particularly in portrait layout)
  • Many UI and layout tweaks throughout the app
  • Last read indicator is now attached to the top of the last read twedet, to help keep it from going under scrollbars
  • Performance improvements
  • Reduced battery and bandwidth usage
  • Reduced occurences of (non-stream) rate limit errors
  • Fixed image embedding for conversation entries with multiple images
  • Worked around a phone-only OS bug causing secondary touch contacts to trigger accidental thread expansions or button/link presses.
  • Cancel pending thread expansions when moved off-screen
  • Workaround for unmute function being undone by mute roaming
  • Fixes to loading and position restoration

Changes which were in the last Phone betas (but not on PC until 3.0):

  • Revamped "jump to last read" experience
  • Refined thread expand/collapse UX and animations for vertical layout
  • View states are now preserved when switching accounts if the "restore position on all view switches" option is checked
  • User photos/avatars in the main list are now links to their profiles, and support context menu actions.
  • Jump to last read is now available in the app bar for PC users (makes it accessible in snap / narrow views)
  • Ensure the last read marker is above the AppBar when jumping to it on phone
  • Fixed some cases where the touch keyboard would cover the reply composer in DM threads
  • Fixed a problem where the new grouped RT search results would hide the original tweet
  • Fixed a layout problem in the last update where text could overlap the tweet age indicator
  • Fixed a possible crash on resuming with threads expanded (and possibly other cases)
  • Possible fix for a rare reported issue where expanded thread content is replaced with "undefined" messages
  • Fix for a bug in the last update where pressing back to cancel a thread load would leave the original tile disabled.
  • Fix for a case where pressing the back button multiple times quickly could lead to duplicates of the original tweet tile appearing in the view
  • Workaround for an OS bug on phone which could cause the app UI / scrollers to break if the phone is rotated while inertia is happening
  • Same workaround for a similar case with inertia and resuming
  • Fixed issues with suspending and resuming while changing views
  • Fixed disappearing profile control on suspend/resume
  • Fixed some cases where the "Loading new tweets..." indicator would appear or stay unexpectedly
  • Fixed a problem preventing the tile badge (number) from clearing when items are read on another device
  • Other reliability improvements

Version 2.9.8

  • Scroll position is now restored when swiping between views
  • Improved position restoration when resuming
  • Added an option to always restore last position / view state when switching views (i.e. with the navbar)
  • Retweets in search results are now grouped together
  • Really fixed the problem with stale user images appearing on slow connections
  • On high DPI devices, now load higher resolution (but still quite small) user thumbnails
  • Fixed pasting of links copied via Copy Shortcut in IE
  • First attempt at working around store IAP issues affecting Pro subscriptions (particularly with PC--Phone sync)
  • Fixed cases where RTs and Connect+ notifications would not refresh until the app was restarted
  • Enabled YouTube embedding for links
  • Emojis now appear properly for other tweets in an expanded thread.
  • Pasted text no longer loses line breaks
  • Fixed an issue where the tweet composer would jump to the top of the list when resuming or attaching photos.
  • Fixed position save/restore when a thread is filling the screen.
  • Fixed a case where replying or resuming to a reply could scroll the thread view to the wrong place.
  • Fixed caret placement when resuming to an in-progress tweet
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a tweet could leave a blank space or cause other problems.
  • Fixed a case where the enter key would enter a newline instead of submitting after @ suggestions had been shown.
  • Don't populate Newseen preview when using quick-reply action
  • Fixed a visual glitch where a tweet's age could jump for an instant on hide/show of quick actions
  • Improved detection of stalled stream connections
  • Improved position restoration when rotating between landscape and portrait view
  • Fixed some rare crashes reported via WER
  • Additional logging and error handling improvements

Version 2.9.6

  • Search box suggestions now show matching hashtag and friend list suggestions
  • Initial support for restoring position after the app has been terminated in the background by the OS
  • Fixed a problem where DM threads would accumulate duplicate series of messages
  • Fixed DM threads not always scrolling to most recent message when expanded
  • Fixes to account removal (particularly to ensure roaming doesn't revive them)
  • Fixes for users with orphaned account registrations because of deleted Twitter accounts
  • Fixed an issue where triggering a thread expansion (often accidentally) then immediately changing views would result in the expanded tweet/thread appearing in the new view and causing scrolling to a random position
  • Fixed a crash when unloading a conversation that's still loading, reported by a couple of users
  • Fixed a crash when the Trending tab doesn't find any trending topics, reported by a user

Version 2.9.5

  • Added the ability to view the favorites of other users.
  • Really fixed the problem where tweets would in rare cases show up in the wrong view in place of correct tweets.
  • Tweaks to the SkyBlue color scheme


  • Added tweet count to user profile view
  • Fixed a problem where the Connect tab would not load more tweets when scrolling in certain cases
  • - (mainly affected Pro users who enable the experimental Connect+ feature)

Version 2.9.4

  • Phone-only: Removed Update 1 crash workaround (now that OS fix is rolling out)
  • Performance improvements (particularly for conversation loading)
  • More phone keyboard interaction improvements
  • Image viewer now always stretches images to fill most of the screen, and has improved animations
  • Cleaned up login experience a bit
  • Enlarged the tweet composer on devices with more vertical space
  • Fixed cut-off "send" button in DM composer
  • Some small DM experience improvements on phone
  • Fix to ensure stale user images aren't shown in recycled tile elements while loading new ones
  • Possible fix for reported (and very rare) issue where tweets could seem to appear in the wrong view
  • The user and hashtag suggestions list can now be scrolled
  • links for MP4s (generated from GIFs) no longer erroneously open another view of the same tweet, and now open in the browser
  • Fixed a bug which caused the quick action controls to not work correctly with touch if the advanced option to disable link invocation with touch was used.

Version 2.9.3

  • Trends view now shows local and worldwide trends
  • Fixed a bug which could cause new tweets to be added in an incorrect order when scrolling back to the top of the list in recent versions
  • Fixed a bug where hover controls could appear unexpectedly on recycled tile elements
  • Removed obscure hotkeys (CTRL+E, CTRL+K) which apparently conflicted with text entry for some languages
  • Changed "Privacy / About" settings label to just "About" now that Windows includes a Privacy Policy entry automatically
  • Small performance improvement and change to hopefully reduce a rare animation glitch
  • Fix an issue with recent image sizing changes which caused some image loads to be jumpier than they used to be
  • Fixed a rare crash when invoking new follower toasts, reported by a user

Version 2.9.2

  • Added hashtag auto-complete
  • Fixed attachment image corruption which affected a certain class of images/devices
  • Improvement to quick action touch invocation
  • Fixed favorite notification tile text
  • Fixed a crash in certain error conditions
  • Improved error handling for certain cases (including invalid search queries)

Version 2.9.1

  • Worked around a platform bug where multiple searches can result in subsequent requests hanging
  • Fixed incorrect tile message for new follower notifications
  • Fixed a crash when navigating away from Messages while in offline mode
  • Fixed a couple of other rare crashes

Version 2.8.3

  • Performance improvements and reduced memory usage
  • Fix uploading of certain kinds of pasted images
  • Don't show progress dots for fast view switches
  • Fixed alignment of source app in the user's own tweets
  • Add iconic mode for pinned user navbar entries
  • Fixed clipping of embedded videos in snap or phone views
  • New follower and RT notifications are now clickable
  • Share target UI updates
  • Fixed a rare case where HTML encoded characters could appear on tile updates
  • Improvements to error logging functionality

Version 2.7.6 (released 8/8)

  • Image upload UX/performance improvements
  • Image files and pasted/shared bitmaps are now more aggressively resized/compressed for upload (scaled to 1000px max dimension, JPEG)
  • Improved image paste handling (PC/tablet)
  • Can now paste image files into the tweet composer using paste menu (in addition to CTRL+V)
  • Fixed a memory leak when uploading images
  • Improvements to Send Error Logs function in Advanced Settings
  • Initial support for pinning alternate accounts to Start (tap on account in Account settings page for the menu)
  • Fixed a link/entity parsing bug
  • Add colon to quote tweet format
  • Improved support for linkifying bidi hashtags
  • Improved accuracy of scroll position restoration when resuming within 30 minutes
  • (more position restoration work coming soon!)

Version 2.7 (released 7/28?)

  • Add "Save image" option to image context menu
  • Navigating by swipe/pivoting or using pinned navbar tabs no longer adds an entry to the back stack
  • Restore the panning indicator in the main list
  • Attempting to work around "disappearing caret" OS issue.
  • Possible fix for users facing VPN connection issues
  • Search icon is now visible at all screen sizes
  • Display RT and Fav counts for expanded tweets on phone/snap
  • Initial pass at refining stream disruption behaviors
  • Removed panning indicator when pivoting

Version 2.6 (released 7/25?)

  • Portrait views now support swiping left or right to pivot between tabs
  • Pinned lists and searches on the nav bar now support iconic mode for narrower views
  • Updated some live tile layouts
  • Removed News tab from the app, will be replaced by Trending tab soon.
  • Fixed a possible rare crash

Version 2.5.1 (released 7/18)

  • Added support for displaying multiple photos.
  • Added support for displaying photos in DMs (still can't attach due to API limitations).
  • Conversation views now work properly with replies to protected tweets.
  • Clicking/tapping on a user's avatar in an expanded view now navigates to their profile.
  • Improved handling of stream errors and rate limiting conditions.
  • Avoid a possible crash when the system's notification API gets into a broken state.

Version 2.5 (released 7/13)

  • New! 12-month option for Tweetium Pro, a better value than ever!
  • Added context menu option to mute hashtags forever.
  • Improved filtering of blocked users
  • Enlarged hit targets for quick action hover/long-press buttons
  • Fixed a bug where RT notifications would appear incorrectly on the live tile
  • Fixed a problem where certain views could be blank when launching the app from a toast notification
  • Image viewer now has changed/refined zooming behavior

Version 2.4.3 (released 4/15)

  • Additional improvements to launch-from-toast behaviors
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashing bugs
  • Fixed a username autocomplete issue for multi-line tweets

Version 2.4.2 (released 4/4)

  • Fixed erroneous background task warning on start-up for non-Pro users on 2.4.
  • Fixed crash when navigating to followers view.

Version 2.4.1 (released 4/1)

  • Improved handling of opening from toast notifications
  • Added tooltips to links in tweets to always show the full URL
  • New AppBar button for saving current position as last read (and immediately syncing to TweetMarker if enabled

Version 2.4 (released 3/31)

  • Push notifications (beta) for Pro users!
  • Increased multiple account limit to 7 accounts for Pro users
  • Improved URL recognition to match Twitter's implementation, so tweet character counts should always be correct now
  • Changing accounts now properly saves the last read state of the current view before switching
  • Improved DM conversation interactions in vertical mode

Version 2.3 (released 3/18)

  • Quick actions are now available to touch users by long-pressing on a tweet
  • Added reply and delete quick actions
  • RT and Favorite quick actions no longer appear on your own tweets
  • You can now report a user as a spammer by right-clicking or long-pressing on their username and selecting "Block + Report as spammer"
  • Quote Tweet now positions the caret at the start, rather than the end, of the text box
  • Welcome and What's New sections now stay in the default view until dismissed by the user
  • Fixed focus and scroll position loss in long DM threads after replying
  • Fixed a rare case where the view could be left faded out (transparent) if the first request fails after resuming the app
  • Fixed character count calculation for HTTPS URLs (was off by one)
  • Attempting to minimize impact of a Windows HttpClient bug which causes rare crashes
  • Improved handling of connection timeouts and service unavailable responses

Version 2.2.1 (released 3/17)

  • Fix failure to load affecting users who updated to 2.2 with a pinned list as their default view
  • Default view is now updated correctly when dragging a tab to the first position (previously it was only updated when moved via the context menu move left/right commands)

Version 2.2 (released 3/14)

  • Refined resume behavior and UX when scrolling to the top/front after new tweets have arrived
  • Last read marker is now set based on scroll position after using the "jump to last read" arrow
  • Retweeted statuses now show correct retweet and favorite counts
  • Images in news stories now have the usual image behaviors (click/tap to view full-screen, context menu)
  • RT notifications in the Connect tab update more regularly when the app is running
  • Fixed more cases where TweetMarker data wouldn't be reflected correctly on resume
  • Fixed user account switching in secondary windows
  • Fixed saving of tweet position for pinned searches and users (was broken in some cases by 2.1.3)
  • Fixed a case where tweets streamed in at nearly the same time could be added in an incorrect order
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the current tab to jump to the top would cause recently streamed tweets to be dropped
  • Fixed logic to not add new tweets while the mouse is moving
  • "Jump to last read" now looks farther back before giving up, and can be invoked again to go farther
  • Improved readability of names over custom backgrounds on user profile pages in light themes
  • Support line breaks in user profile descriptions

Version 2.1.3 (released 3/4)

  • Fixed viewing of multi-line tweets
  • Improved formatting of share data from some sources (i.e. Store)
  • Sharing screenshots to Tweetium now works regardless of resolution/size (via auto-scaling)
  • Revised behavior for media flagged as possibly sensitive
  • Tweetium now respects Twitter's "show sensitive media" option
  • Fixed a bug in user profile views where the profile control could disappear when leaving and returning to the app
  • No longer store last read position for searches and users which aren't pinned (mainly to avoid exceeding roaming data quota)

Version 2.1.2 (released 2/28)

  • Fixed a recent regression that prevented conversation views from showing replies to the selected tweet
  • Animation/performance improvements for switching views (especially on lower-end hardware)
  • Fixed a rare crash when dismissing the image viewer

Version 2.1.1 (released 2/28)

  • Disable image embedding and append a warning message to tweets flagged as containing sensitive/graphic material
  • Fixed clipping of the username auto-complete flyout
  • Fixed positioning of auto-complete flyout in portrait/snap mode
  • Restored custom touch keyboard interactions

Version 2.1 (released 2/27)

  • News reading integration for Pro users (powered by Newseen)
  • - Shows article previews and in-line story reading for stories in Newseen's database
  • - Read more about it here
  • Tweetium now respects Twitter's "disable retweets" setting for individual users you follow
  • Sending tweets from other tabs no longer marks Timeline as updated
  • Fixed a timing condition which could sometimes prevent Tweetium from using your latest TweetMarker position on app startup
  • Fixed a case where the username auto-complete UI would be positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash when using the manual refresh button after switching accounts
  • Improved reliability of progressive load triggering when reaching the end of the list
  • Small performance improvements

Version 2.0.8 (released 2/25)

  • Fixed a problem in recent versions which would cause users to be prompted to re-login to Twitter

Version 2.0.7 (released 2/25)

  • Fixed two cases where the last read position could be stored incorrectly
  • Fixed a case where the jump to last read arrow would not appear when expected
  • Fixed a bad interaction between the "new tweet" composer and touch keyboard on some devices in landscape
  • More back button consistency improvements

Version 2.0.6 (released 2/24)

  • Improved error handling, particularly for first login issues
  • Fixed a possible problem affecting some users who upgraded from trial mode with the last version
  • Fix a possible crash when network or service errors are encountered during first login

Version 2.0.5 (released 2/24)

  • Using multiple windows with different accounts is now supported
  • Using the back button now restores focus and thread expansion in many more cases
  • When restoring focus, the back button now positions the focused tile in its original screen position
  • New Tweet button now adds a tweet composer at the current scroll position
  • Improved interactions between the touch keyboard and conversation views in landscape mode
  • Fixed certain cases where the jump to last read arrow would appear unexpectedly
  • Fixed cases where the last read position for the Connect tab would be calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed a rare case where part of an image viewer could get stuck on screen
  • Fixed a problem with links at the start of a tweet
  • Fixed a couple of alignment problems at less common window sizes
  • Removed "powered by Newseen" watermark from the News tab

Version 2.0.3 (released 2/21)

  • Added option to show the source app used for tweets in expanded view
  • Fixed an animation glitch with search box expansion
  • You can now type into the search box while hovering on it (without clicking first)
  • Fixed some cases where the tweet composer wasn't taking focus when expected (i.e. after DM submit, opening share target).
  • Ensure the lockscreen access prompt only appears once per machine if permission is denied.

Version 2.0.2 (released 2/20)

  • Reverted portrait mode detection change due to feedback
  • Instead, set portrait threshold a little wider to accommodate the tablet the original fix was addressing
  • This also fixes a possible crash when typing user handles in the Share target UI
  • Added additional clean-up logic if pinned list data becomes inconsistent

Version 2.0.1 (released 2/19)

  • Improved DM read state tracking for TweetMarker users
  • Improved block/unblock behavior
  • Updated image viewer UI
  • Instagram images now show a larger version in expanded threads and the image viewer
  • Live tile no longer displays tweets from muted users (or with muted hashtags)
  • Fixed various focus and scroll position bugs while navigating large conversation threads
  • Vertical layout is now used any time the OS indicates the app is in portrait mode (height greater than width)
  • Connect tab no longer drops favorited tweet notifications after the first one is added for a given tweet
  • Color fixes for progress indicator in White 2.0 theme and image viewer in Dark 2.0
  • Lists no longer become unpinned unexpectedly in certain connectivity or rate limiting cases
  • Fixed a rare crash when accessing cached data fails

Version 2.0 (released 2/14)

Version 1.5.5 (released 2/5)

  • User profiles opened in a new window are no longer missing the "add to list" button
  • Username autocomplete now includes users who authored tweets in threads you've expanded recently
  • Username autocomplete now uses the correct following list after switching accounts
  • Fixed a case where a mentioned user's name wouldn't be linkified if RT'd by the mentioned user
  • Fixed a rare crash when switching away from the app
  • Fixed a rare crash when clicking on links in tweets where a particular kind of link is included twice
  • Fixed a possible crash at startup when all items are unpinned or pinned data is corrupted

Version 1.5.4 (released 1/24)

  • Enabled trial mode support
  • Fixed a case where the app would not immediately load new tweets upon resume after a short period and scrolled to the front.
  • Fixed a possible app hang when showing flyouts (i.e. search box auto-complete)
  • Avoid duplicate mentions when replying to a retweet where the retweeter is mentioned
  • Fixed a case where some usernames in converation view were not being linkified.

Version 1.5.2 (released 1/22)

  • Fixed incorrect placement of the last read indicator when switching accounts
  • Fixed inline opening of tweet/status links when "bypass links" is not enabled
  • Improved behavior of roaming nav bar pinned status and order
  • Tweaked logo/splash screen background

Version 1.5.1 (released 1/21)

  • Fixed a problem where the current account indicator (which lets you access the account switch list) was invisible after purchasing Tweetium Pro and setting up alternate accounts.

Version 1.5 (released 1/21)

Version 1.4 (released 1/16)

  • New UI affordance for jumping to last seen (up to 400 tweets back)
  • Sync/Stream engine refinements to reduce rate limit impact, improve performance, and to enable other feature work
  • Limit DM thread length to last 50 messages for now (better performance)
  • Timed mutes now expire correctly
  • Fixed mutes to work correctly with progressive loading
  • Back button now preserves tweet expansion and focus in common cases
  • Fixed a problem where keyboard focus could be lost on app resume
  • Fixes to quote tweet behavior with certain links
  • Improvements to handling of some network errors
  • Added rate limit indicator
  • Improved animation when switching to a scope from the navbar drop-down.
  • Audio from embedded videos now stops playing when the thread is dismissed.
  • Fixed a possible crash when updated settings are roamed from other machines.
  • Added version number to Privacy/About page
  • Fixed some text clipping issues in larger font size settings
  • Tweet composer now respects font size settings
  • Dot indicating an updated tab has a better color in Midnight Blue themes
  • Updated small tiles logos to match larger ones.

Version 1.3.2 (released 1/9)

  • Fixed a crash in the new hover UI due a packaging error
  • Replying to an RT now addresses both the original author and the RT'er

Version 1.3.1 (released 1/8)

  • New! Hover UI for quick retweet/favorite actions
  • New option to hide the back button
  • New option to make the Enter key add a newline instead of submitting
  • Default to allowing touch interactions with links in the main view
  • Fixed a case where the last read indicator would not appear when resuming the app
  • Account selection and login token now roams
  • Improved preservation of scroll position when opening links or images in new windows
  • Avoid a possible crash on dev machines where the OS tile update API gets into a bad state

Version 1.3 (released 1/7)

Version 1.2 (released 12/27)

  • Added initial live tile implementation
    - Shows new mentions and DMs
    - Currently updating via a background task (i.e. no push notifications yet)
  • Added retweet information to expanded tweet view, and made retweeter name clickable in main view
  • Added option to enable invoking links with touch taps in main view
  • Added support for profile cover images
  • Added Twitpic embedding
  • Fixed image links for DM images
  • Add To List button now also appears for users you don't follow
  • Embedded Instagram images should load more smoothly in the main view (presized correctly)
  • Updated large tile logo to match wide tile style
  • Improved logic for notifying whether the DM tab is updated
  • Improved calculation of tweet length when composing tweets with certain URLs
  • Fixed Add To List menu for users with more than 5 lists
  • Fixed crash when certain characters (i.e. colons) were typed into the search box.
  • Possible fix for a very rare crash reported by two users when replying

Version 1.1.1 (released 12/20)

  • Adds ability to share tweets via the share charm (and links via their context menus)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the app to crash when adding a user to a list you've viewed recently
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate messages may appear in DM threads if the Messages tab is left open

Version 1.1 (released 12/19)

  • You can now pin searches and users to the navigation bar via a new context menu
  • Any navigation tab can now be unpinned and repinned using the context menu
  • Navigation tabs can now be reordered using the context menu
  • Users can now be added to lists
  • Favorites view added to Me tab
  • Links and images now have context menus to open in new windows and copy URLs
  • Expanded tweet age/timestamps are now permalinks
  • New option to bypass links
  • Fixed problem with conversation views scrolling to the top when the touch keyboard was dismissed.
  • Improved error handling for tweet submissions.
  • Subscribed lists now maintain their pinned status correctly on subsequent sessions.
  • Fixed a problem where list, search, and profile views could easily get into a state where they stopped refreshing or loading more tweets
  • Fixed a layout issue for profile view in snapped mode.
  • Fixed a rare problem where certain tweets containing particular characters would not appear
  • Fixed links for user handles and hashtags in rare cases of overlapping names or tags
  • Fixed a crash when using the New Window app bar command from user pages or search result views
  • Image previews in grid tiles are now centered consistently
  • Support non-square profile images
  • Fixed a bug where images in expanded view were sometimes scaled without preserving aspect ratio
  • Character remaining count now updates correctly when selecting an autocomplete suggestion via touch or mouse
  • Deleting a tweet now closes the conversation view if it was the last tweet there
  • Tweaks to portrait and snap layout to fit more in the nav bar
  • Expanded tweets/threads can now be pinch-zoomed (mainly to enlarge images)
  • Search box text now clears on navigation
  • Pinned lists no longer appear in the nav bar on a delay
  • Fixed a bug in CTRL+Tab behavior
  • Settings now apply to all open windows immediately
  • Added missing url and location fields on Me page
  • New animations and animation improvements for low-end machines
  • New wide tile logo