This is what tweets are made of.

Tweetium 2.0 brought all the great new design updates and features seen below. But a lot has happened since then!
Check out the app's full version history!

  • New themes! A new White 2.0 theme is now the default, and a new Dark 2.0 theme is available.
  • New logo and tile assets
  • TweetMarker support! (requires additional Pro purchase)
  • Connect tab now shows recent RTs of your tweets
  • Improved live tile, and fixes to update behavior
  • New option to show the most recent tweets from a pinned list or timeline on the live tile
  • Added lock screen badge support (more frequently live tile updates if enabled)
  • Users can now be blocked, unblocked, and reported as spammers from their profile pages.
  • The search box is now collapsed to a glyph by default, giving more space in the nav bar.
  • Search can now be used at smaller window sizes.
  • Share target UI now respects font size settings and makes better use of space
  • Images now open in a full-window viewer when tapped
  • Enabled embedding for SkyDrive/OneDrive and images
  • There is no longer an option to mute yourself
  • Fixed a rare bug where certain tabs could get stuck blank
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate DM tiles could appear after collapsing a thread.
  • Fixed rare crashes reported by users or Windows Error Reporting (Watson)