This is what tweets are made of.

Known issues (version 2.2.1 for Windows 8/RT)

  • After upgrading to 2.2, Tweetium may fail to load properly if you had set a pinned list or search as the default scope (by moving it to the leftmost position using the context menu).
    This issue is resolved in 2.2.1 which is now in the store.
    If you encounter this issue, please follow these steps to resolve it:
    • Go to the Windows Store app
    • Open the Settings charm
    • Select "App Updates"
    • Select "Check for app updates"
    • Use the install button at the bottom of the screen to install the latest Tweetium update
  • Sharing photos from the Photos and SkyDrive app does not work.
    This is a bug with those apps which Microsoft has acknowledged.
    While we await an update for those apps, the best workaround is to use the photo upload button in Tweetium to select your photo.

Contact Information

For help with any problems encountered using Tweetium, please e-mail
Please post suggestions on our UserVoice page.

Release notes

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