This is what tweets are made of.

Known issues

Windows 10 PC (July public release / "Outsider Preview")

  • A bug in Windows can cause the app to crash when using the "New Window" command on multi-monitor systems.
    • Microsoft Edge sometimes suffers from the same issue.
    • This appears to be fixed in the Insider Preview builds of Windows 10.
  • A bug in Windows causes the touch keyboard to not appear in Tablet Mode when touching on text fields.
    • This also affects certain other Win10 apps, like Groove Music.
    • This is fixed in the Insider Preview builds.

Windows 10 PC (Insider Preview)

  • A bug in Windows may cause mouse hover actions to stop working until the cursor leaves the window

Windows 10 Mobile (Insider Preview)

  • Version 4.0.0 will crash when interacting with the Accounts page (sign out, add another account, etc) - Fix coming soon.
  • The AppBar may be covered by the software OS buttons / nav bar on certain devices. - Investigating
  • Some elements may appear too large on certain devices.
  • Some font sizes may be incorrect on certain devices.

Windows / Windows Phone 8.1

  • None

Tweetium Pro purchases

  • If you have purchased or renewed Tweetium Pro on one device, and find it is not being recognized on another, click here.

Contact Information

For help with any problems encountered using Tweetium, please e-mail
Please post suggestions on our UserVoice page.

Release notes

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